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How to send your recipes?

When you buy a recipe, you will receive an email with a link to download the recipe. Therefore, it is important that you write the correct address at checkout. The recipe is downloaded as a PDF file.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes. When you put the recipes in shopping cart, press CHECK OUT, write your contact details and then press CONTINUE TO PAYMENT METHOD. You can then choose credit cards as payment form.

What is the severity of a given recipe?

Recipe The severity

At PetiteKnit are recipes of varying difficulty. Each recipe is assigned between one and five stars depending on severity. The stars are marked out for each recipe. Below you can read the classification:

1 - START ★

The recipes are particularly good for new knitters. The recipes are very detailed and contain no gross techniques. In addition, there will often be using videos to the recipes below Knitting in the main menu.


2 - slightly experienced ★★

The recipes is a little harder than starting recipes, but still easy to go to. They contain common techniques, such as purl stitches and input / inc and then used knitting abbreviations in the recipe, for example, r = right.


3 - medium ★★★

The recipes are medium and contains little more difficult techniques, such as turning sticks or to pick up stitches. It may also be recipes that require routine, for example, that could knit stocking st back and forth nicely.


4 - MEDIUM ★★★★

The recipes are in the difficult end and therefore requires a certain routine and overview. The recipes take you still at hand to guide you, but you must keep track of several things at once, such as knitting lace pattern while knitting turn sticks.


5 - Severe ★★★★★

The recipes are for the tanned knit and contains either when the techniques, a different design or the like. Here you can stay organized and keep your tongue in your mouth!


Can I get help with a recipe?

Yes. It is made videos to the most used techniques, and you can find all knitting videos during VIDEO main menu. It lies all videos under the relevant recipes.

If you have questions about a recipe, there are often good help available in your local yarn store where you bought the yarn.

Do you have a specific and concrete questions to a recipe that you can not find the answer to elsewhere, feel free to send an email to There may in certain periods expected some day response.

I believe I have found an error in the recipe - it can fit?

Of course there can sneak an error in the pattern, but it stressed that all recipes test knit and proofread several times before publication. If you still believe you have found an error in the pattern, please feel free to write an email to, so the error can be corrected as soon as possible.