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Doll Knits - Printed booklet

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The booklet with doll knits includes knitting patterns for Anker's Jacket, Anker's Bonnet, Anker's Sweater, Carl's Cardigan, Dagmar's Sweater, Elinor's Bloomers, No Frills Sweater, Karen's Bonnet, Karla's Dress, Nora's Skirt and Willum's Overalls - in total 11 doll patterns.

The patterns are made for the Asi Doll (Leonora) which is 46 cm long. The doll measures approx. 38 cm around the body, the arms are approx. 12 cm long from shoulder to fingertips, the internal length of the legs including the foot is approx. 13 cm and the head circumference is 35 cm.

The idea behind this booklet is to inspire knitters to enjoy cozy moments with scrap yarn projects. All the patterns are miniature versions of already existing patterns of children’s knitwear from PetiteKnit, so that the favorite doll can match junior. I have stated how much yarn I have used for each garment - in that way it will be easy to asses any left-over yarn is enough for a particular garment. For 10 out of the 11 projects less than one skein of yarn is needed.

In addition, you will need a narrow elastic band and some buttons from your stash.

Needles: Circular needles: 2.5 mm [US2] / 40 or 60 cm [16 or 24 inches], 3 mm [US3] / 40 or 60 cm [16 or 24 inches], 3.5 mm [US4] / 40 or 60 cm [16 or 24 inches], 4 mm [US6] / 40 or 60 cm [16 or 24 inches]; Double-pointed needles 2.5 mm [US2] 40 or 60 cm, 3 mm [US3], 3.5 mm [US4], 4 mm [US6]

The booklet is printed in A4 format on 170 g matte paper in Aarhus, Denmark.

Difficulty: ★ ★ ★ (3 out of 5)

See the classification of difficulty here

The booklet can also be found as a PDF file here.


Joining sleeves and body when working bottom up:


k2tog tbl:

Front plackets:

Button holes:


Put the sleeves to rest:

Avoid hole at startup on sleeve:


Yarn over:

Picking up stitches for collar:




Backwards Loop Method:

Magic Loop:

Sew buttons in your knit:

German Short Rows:

Picking up stitches:

Kitchener Stitch:

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