The degree of difficulty in the patterns


At PetiteKnit you will find patterns with varying degrees of difficulty. Every pattern has been graded with between one and five stars depending on the difficulty of the pattern. You can find the stars in the info for each pattern. Each level of difficulty is described below:




These patterns are particularly good for beginners. The patterns will include very detailed descriptions and will never include difficult techniques. Furthermore, you will often be able to find video help for the patterns – in the menu “Strikkehjælp” in the main menu (videos are in Danish).



The patterns are slightly more involved than beginner patterns, but still easy and straight forward. They will include commonly used techniques, for exaple purl stitches, decreases and increases and will include abbreviations such as k = knit.



These patterns are for the intermediate knitter and will include some more involved techniques, such as short rows or picking up stitches. There will also be patterns, which requires a little more skill, such as knitting stockinette stitch flat and get an even result.


4 – SKILLED ★★★★


The patterns are more difficult and will require a certain degree of skill and ability to take in a pattern. The patterns will still guide you throughout, but you will need to be able to manage several instructions simultaneously such as knitting lace while at the same time working short rows.


5 – DIFFICULT ★★★★★


These pattern are for the skilled knitter and will either contain difficult techniques, an uncommon construction or similar. You will need to be able to keep a level head and an overview over the instructions in the pattern.